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Hot Laptop Adapter Model for Different Brands

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Our Laptop Adapter Advantages:

1. Oxygen-free copper fittings, better heat dissipation;

2. Strict electronic components architecture, more durable;

3. Mature power supply scheme, stable charging;

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Focus On Invisible Details

For your comfortable work and entertainment, we are critical of every device in the product.

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Quality Protect

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Filtering risks are more reassured by rectifying technology 

to convert fluctuating voltages into stable voltages.

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Excellent Conversion Efficiency

Industry's mature power supply system provides better power supply efficiency.

Rectification Technology Comparison Chart.jpg

Stronger Heat Dissipation System

Due to the good heat dissipation performance of the ABS+PC case,

slight heating on the power supply surface during power supply does not affect the use.

Laptop Battery Heat Dissipation System.jpg

Good quality stems from strict quality control raw material.

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Laptop Adapter Product Detail Show

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Laptop Adapter Package

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Warranty Period: 1 Year

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